16 August, 2011



Hola a todos! Ya de vuelta de mis breves vacaciones me toca coger el ritmo que confieso no me está costando mucho. Estaba mentalizada y eso que ha sido una semana estupenda de turismo por Colonia, conocer gente maravillosa, mucho jugar con niños y un poquito de tiempo para el descanso. Lo peor el tiempo: el otoño parecía que se había adelantado en pleno agosto y... oh, no! en mi maleta las opciones de vestimenta eran muy reducidas... ¿Qué tal vuestra semana?

Hello everyone! Once back from my short vacations I have to take the daily rythm. Fortunately it is not being too hard though it has been a wonderful week: visiting Cologne, meeting lovely people, playing a lot with children and a little time to relaxing. The worst thing: the weather. It seems the fall has arrived in the middle of August and... oh, no! in my suitcase the clothes options were really reduced...
Hope you are having a nice week.

Fotos: Scans by myself from Habitania, April 2011


  1. Bienvenida! me alegra que hayas disfrutado tus vacaciones (mas allá del clima) saludos!

  2. So glad you are back Maria! And even though you didn't get much rest, it sounds like you had a great time. It feels like Fall lots of days here too, with a few better Summer like days in between...:(
    Thanks for this inspirational photo with the herringbone floor, I saved it immediately:)

  3. Si soy sincera mi semana ha sido nefasta. Pero me alegra q estés de vuelta!

  4. Welcome, Maria! We had one of the hottest day today, so we're still experiencing summer to the full. I love that photo, a little glamour, a little rustic and that armchair is gorgeous! xoxo

  5. encantada de tenerte por aquí de nuevo :)
    espero que hayas disfrutado mucho de tus vaciones

  6. Welcome back Maria. It is very hot here in South of France and which we had a little breeze of fresh air... i'm glad you had the time to rest and play. Xoxo

  7. I love that photo!

    Glad to hear you had a good time. Oh the weather, I guess we'll just have to start embracing autumn fashion ;-)

  8. Pues por Asturias el varano ni lo hemos olido, así que te entiendo perfectamente, un beso María.

  9. hope you had a chance to do a little shopping on your trip so that you had some warmer clothing options!! and to look stylish while traveling.. beautiful room, too...

  10. Hola María! Gracias por tu comentario, y así hoy te visito. Me gusta tu blog y desde Suiza....Me recordó que estuve dos veces en Ginebra a visitar unos amigos! Te mando un beso, Gloria.


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