28 March, 2011


La pastelería Theurel & Thomas ha abierto en Méjico una tienda exclusiva y muy elegante. Para destacar el producto se ha creado una base totalmente blanca, como el azúcar, dónde el único color es el de los macarons, y los detalles visuales están tan cuidados como los dulces y sin embargo no los eclipsan. De estos merengues franceses se ocupa el Chef Irving Quiroz Quintana, y del diseño de interior y el packaging el estudio Anagrama.
No soy excesivamente golosa y pero me declaro fan de los macarons....mmmm.
Theurel & Thomas Patisserie has opened an exclusive and elegant store in Mexico. To highlight the product has been created a white sugar base where the only colored are the macaroons and visual details are so cared as the meringues. The Chef Irving Quiroz Quintana prepares following the French tradition, and interior design and packaging are created by Anagrama studio.
I am not too greedy, but I declare myself a fan of macarons .... mmmm.

Fotos: Anagrama, Yatzer


  1. nunca he probado un macaron y mira que tienen buena pinta y en esos colores tan bonitos y ese fondo tan blanco, oh!...

  2. Though I adore every bit of styling from Laduree, this white crisp store enhances the sweetness of macaroons in a great way. Love it! Hope you had a great weekend and new week:)

  3. They have personified the very essence of sugar!

    I would love to see the same images, with colourful customers in them, to see how it works. What a really clever fitout, and a thoroughly enjoyable post.

    Thank you for your encouraging comment, too!

  4. This looks delightful! I love the stark white against the colorful macarons. It's so refreshing! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start :)

  5. Que barbaridad!!Da hambre, ganas de comprar y de quedarse a vivir alli!!Una verdadera maravilla......Nunca pensé q un espacio tan blanco me fuera a parecer apetecible y no frío.

  6. Genial, me encanta el monocrom con pinceladas de color.
    Muy inspirador.

    Alex b

  7. This is an unbelievable find! I'm so thankful you introduced it to us!

  8. What a great shop! I wish there were places such as these here in town. All the white just makes the macaroons POP! :)))))


  9. i think i am in love!!!! this is beautiful branding


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